MIT Mystery Hunt 2022

Begins January 14, 2022

At noon TIMEMIT Eastern


How To Hunt Workshop

Posted: 12:00 p.m. TIMEMIT on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

On Saturday, January 8th, last year’s running team, the ✈️✈️✈️ Galactic Trendsetters ✈️✈️✈️, will be hosting a “How to Hunt” workshop. Part one of the workshop will be a standard introduction to puzzle hunts; part two will focus on online tools you can use for the MIT Mystery Hunt, including demonstrations of popular tools. Join them at 7:00 PM TIMEMIT (ET) on Zoom here.

Additionally, last year’s How to Hunt Workshop by team Left Out is available to watch at any time.

We hope to see you there!

Team Palindrome

Physical puzzles

Posted: 2:00 p.m. TIMEMIT on Thursday, December 16th, 2021
Updated: 8:30 p.m. TIMEMIT on Monday, December 20th, 2021

This year’s hunt will include some puzzles with physical components. As we are not meeting on MIT’s campus this year, we’ll be shipping out these items in advance of the hunt — and asking recipients to not open them until instructed to do so during the weekend.

There are four items for sale on our Shopify store: three puzzle-y items, and the MIT Mystery Hunt t-shirt (not a puzzle, available to order now and will be shipped after Mystery Hunt).

The puzzle items’ listed prices likely make them cost-prohibitive. We’re going to be sending discount codes to the team captains, bringing down the price of the puzzle items to $0 — you’ll just pay the shipping costs. (If you hunted in 2021, this is similar to what happened last year.) And if shipping is more expensive than your team can afford or you have other questions, please get in touch by emailing

Coupon codes will be emailed to team captains when your team has registered. Captains, you are in charge of who to distribute these codes to — and ensuring they order promptly. You’ll get one discount code for each box and three for the envelope. (All envelopes are identical; this is just a chance for additional people to receive the item.)

International shipping is available through the US Postal Service, UPS, and DHL.

We recommend ordering as soon as possible after receiving your codes. With the quantity of packages going out, we expect some to be delayed or lost, and we anticipate having to re-ship a few items. If items are ordered by December 20th we are confident that we’ll be able to ensure receipt before the hunt. We will do our best to get all swag to teams before hunt no matter when it is ordered, and are hopeful that anything ordered by early January will arrive on time.

If we still have extra items after all teams have had a chance to order, we will reach out with information on how to order additional copies.

Team Palindrome

Answer checker enhancements

Posted: 6:30 p.m. TIMEMIT on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

We've updated the answer checker to remove accents from your answer before checking it. However, to be safe, any letters you use should probably be part of the Latin alphabet. And if you've already submitted answers that use accented letters, please re-submit them to see if they were actually correct.

There's also a new entry in the Star Rats FAQ that explains how the answer checker normalizes answer submissions.

Team Palindrome

You can now finalize your team registration

Posted: 6:30 p.m. TIMEMIT on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

Based on some feedback, we've added the ability to finalize your team's registration. This will prevent any team members from making changes to your team's registration information or password.

Team Palindrome

Answer submissions are now saved

Posted: 3:45 p.m. TIMEMIT on Monday, December 13th, 2021

Hey teams - we had an issue saving progress for logged in teams. This is now resolved as of 3:45 PM TIMEMIT on December 13, 2021.

We recommend resubmitting answers to puzzles you've solved so that your progress is tracked.

Team Palindrome and MIT Puzzle Club

The 2022 MIT Mystery Hunt Prologue is here!

Posted: 12:00 p.m. TIMEMIT on Monday, December 13th, 2021

Don’t want to wait another whole month for the 2022 MIT Mystery Hunt to start? Surprise! We’re kicking things off a little early this year, with an introductory set of over a dozen puzzles!

Solving these puzzles is entirely optional. They will not give your team any benefit when the real Mystery Hunt begins on January 14, and teams that skip these puzzles will not be hindered in any way. These puzzles are simply an appetizer we’re serving up before the main event. We hope you enjoy them.

You can find the puzzles at, and check out the launch trailer.

Oh — and as a reminder, please register your teams for Mystery Hunt by December 20!

See you in a month!

Team Palindrome and MIT Puzzle Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Huh? What is this?

This is the site for registering for the 2022 MIT Mystery Hunt! To learn more about the background and history of the MIT Mystery Hunt, see its official site here.

When and where will the hunt take place?

Due to continued concerns about COVID-19, the 2022 Mystery Hunt will once again be held remotely, and not on MIT’s campus. It will begin at 12:00 p.m. TIMEMIT on Friday, January 14th, 2022. Wrap-up will take place at 12:00 p.m. TIMEMIT on Monday, January 17th, 2022.


As in, the time zone that MIT is in. Which is to say, Eastern. Look, we’re called Palindrome and TIMEMIT was just sitting there.

Is there a deadline to register?

We ask that teams register by December 20. The final deadline to register is Monday, January 10, but teams registering that late will not have time to receive the physical components that will accompany certain Hunt puzzles.

Can you help me find a team to join?

We would be happy to. Please fill out this form and we will try to help you find a team.

If Mystery Hunt is virtual, does that mean we shouldn’t come to the MIT campus?

Right. Those who are not already a part of the MIT community should experience the hunt from home. We recommend as well that people on campus not gather in large numbers. You will be able to fully enjoy the Hunt from any location with Internet access.

Will you have tips to help our team with online collaboration?

Yes! Last year's running team, ✈️✈️✈️ Galactic Trendsetters ✈️✈️✈️, will run an online workshop at 7:00 p.m. TIMEMIT on Saturday, January 8th 2022, with a special focus on remote collaboration tools. We'll post a link to a recording of that event after it happens. If you don’t want to wait that long, you could always watch the previous workshop by Left Out, which you can find here.

Is the object of the hunt still to find a coin somewhere on campus?


How will that work if the hunt itself is not on campus?

You’ll see.

What does the winning team get?

Honor, glory, and the responsibility to create and run the 2023 Mystery Hunt.

Will there be any Mystery Hunt merchandise?

Yes! Teams who register on time will hear from us so we can arrange for them to receive physical elements they’ll need for certain puzzles. There will also be an official T-shirt, of course.

Are there any team size restrictions?

No. You may register a team of any size. We believe we have designed a Hunt that can be completed by a team of 75 by Sunday night, but we're working to make the event an amazing experience for both small and large teams.

Is this event still related to MIT?

Of course! This is the MIT Mystery Hunt, organized through MIT Puzzle Club, and there will be plenty of MIT-specific and Boston-specific content. Familiarity with MIT and the surrounding area will help you succeed in the hunt, and MIT students are especially encouraged to participate!

Do I need to be affiliated with MIT to participate?

No. Everyone who likes puzzles will enjoy the hunt, and we invite them to participate! However, teams who expect to be competitive are encouraged to have current MIT students on their team—especially since the writing team must have students on it.

How can I support the MIT Mystery Hunt?

Registration for Mystery Hunt is free, but there are a number of ways you can help support us. In particular, if you would like to donate to the MIT Mystery Hunt fund, you can go to MIT Giving and click on the “give” button next to “Mystery Hunt”.

What was that noise?

Oh, it's probably just the rats.


More information is available at

I have questions not answered in this FAQ!

In that case, e-mail us at

Is anything on this page a puzzle?



❗️ !
☃️ ☃
Providing live testing of unicode support and alphabetization.
🍍 🍍
bio bio bio bio bio bio
🕴️ 🕴️
solving for fun
👺 👺👺
Is that a door?
🏰 🏰🏰🏰
we love puzzlesss
🚀 🚀🚀🚀
Chobo Coordinator 2: Electric Boogaloo
🧄 🗺️🦥🥘
fka ⚖️💅💾
🗡️ 17th Shard
Fantasy fans and non-fantasy fans (but mostly fantasy fans) from the internet and beyond come together to perform the greatest magic of all: solving puzzles.
Puzzlers for fun
💃 2brokegirlz
we have not actually seen the show
Going for puzzle kaiden
We are trying okay
😃 404 Rage Not Found
Formerly Non-Abelian Rage Theory, This Rage Intentionally Left Blank, Exit Rage Left (Pursued by a Bear), (Still Just A) Cat in a Rage, Rage of Aquarius, and some things involving warehouses.
㊙️ 4d79737465727948756e7421
You entered an invalid code.
🪤 5h4d0wb10k3r
🛺 6PointsPuzzlers
Summer camp puzzlers. We love exploding things and singing songs!
📝 A4
404 not found
🫐 Acai
❄️ A Finite Group
Just a set of beginning puzzlers that love *associating* with each other, sharing a common *identity*, appreciating those who speak *in verse*, and finally finishing off this bad pun for a sense of *closure* 😅
😱 Aibohphobia
We fear palindromes
🌱 Alfalfa
Team Canada
💡 All_alone
🎳😸🎳 Alley Cats
Just having fun doing some puzzles.
🦙 Alpaxa
🗿 Amateur Hour
We're a team loosely based in Western Massachusetts. We focus on welcoming new and casual players.
🔀 Anagram Solve Amigos
Originally founded as the Back Solve Boys, we are an ever evolving team with innovative approaches to solving puzzles.
👨‍🔬️ Anime, Sports, and Science
A group of MIT alumni, Berkeley chemistry grad students, and friends.
👩 Arcane Puzzlers
A gaggle of European puzzle solvers who know each other from several different puzzlehunts like Arcane Game, Enigame and iHunt, to name a few.
🖖 Ariadne's Badgerz🧶
Brew City friends and family puzzling for the glory of the Great Lakes.
🔎 Arisia Lens Sleuths
Arisia is a science fiction convention which will be at the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel on hunt weekend. We plan to have a room for con members to join in person and welcome friends of fandom to join us virtually. Lens, magnifying glass, or power ring not required.
🟩 Assembly of Problem Solvers
Some people loosely associated with AoPS who are puzzling for fun.
🌠 AstroPals
A bunch of astro folks solving puzzles
💂🏽‍♂️ A team working on the hunt
a team
Alums from the van Oudenaarden lab in early 2000's. Plus some friends.
🦪🔪 🦪Aw, Shucks🔪
🧀 AxolotlsUnited
We met on twitch and now we puzzlehunt together
🦫 Baby Beavers
We are a group of MIT admits in the class of 2026 with enthusiasm for solving puzzles!
🦖 babyvelociraptorgoesbothways
We are a subset of IIF for star rats
🐑😒 BAH Interlopers
A group of friends that largely met at work and share a love of crushing puzzles
A small group of puzzle-loving Baker House Alums from the late 90s.
On Wednesdays we eat beans.
🗿 Beeg Yoshi Fanclub
Love beeg yoshi
👾 Belmonsters
A small group of family and friends spread around North America.
Benny and the Gits
Chads. Gits. Heroes.
Some beans who are the best at being beans, not necessarily at solving puzzles
Big BANG Theory
Hunting time
🐘🦒🦏 Big Game Hunters
We're just here to have fun and maybe solve a few puzzles along the way.
🦔 Big Tuesday
Hello, Worldl9h8u4-tg8b!!
🧨 Black Dynamite
Wait! What did you just say? You said, 'Melts in your mouth'. What else melts in your mouth? M&M's! And not in your hands. And who makes M&M's? Mars Candy Company. And Mars's also- The Roman God of War. Who's the Greek God of War? Ares. Now, take Mars, spell it backwards, drop the S. Ram. The zodialogical sign for Aries. Now dig. Ares' half-sister is Athena. Athena, Athens. The capital of Greece. As we all know, zodialogical astronomy was created by the Greeks in...785 B.C. 785 is the area code to Topeka, Kansas! Code Kansas! Take that, spell it backwards and drop the S. Snake doc. Snake doctor! Yes. And brothers, who is the Greek Demigod of Medicine who believed snakes' tongues had mystical healing powers? Aesculapius, of course. He had a staff with snakes intertwining all around that b*tch. They called it Aesculapius' staff, a symbol the medical field uses to this day. Now, what legend involving snakes is in Greek and Roman mythology? It involves Aesculapius' father. Apollo. Apollo slew the serpent at Delphi, which was a big-ass snake. And what, brothers, is the biggest snake in the world? The South American anaconda. Anaconda Malt Liquor! And what is the slogan for Anaconda Malt Liquor? Anaconda Malt Liquor gives you- WHOOOO! Gives you what? WHOOOOO! And who else is famous for- WHOOOOO! Little Richard! Who? Little Richard! So, what they're really saying is- Anaconda Malt Liquor gives you- Little Richard? WHAT is another word for Richard? [the gang look down @ their pants]
🎰 Blufius
A bunch of nerds who are mediocre at a lot of things.
📦✉️ Boxmail
First time puzzle hunters here for a fun time
🤯 brain death
Bunch of osu! players that enjoy solving puzzles 😎
🌯 Burritos
We like burritos
🍋 Burton 2 Toucans
Birthed from the remnants of the dorm formally known as Burton Conner House, the B2 Puzzle Toucans arose like a fiery phoenix from the ashes, but more like a soggy toucan from a bucket of lemonade.
☕ Caffiends
🦆 California Goose
A mysterious group of people who lives in the Bay Area.
Playing for fun!
🦃 Cam&cam
Teaming up across the atlantic
🐻💙💛 Can I Get a Go Bears?
g o b e a r s
🚀 Cardamom&Stone
🐦 Cardinality
Scrappy band of degenerate puzzlers
。。 Catters
A bunch of players involved in local quizzes
🗄 Central Services
Low-level bureaucrats escape the monotony of their day-to-day lives through a recurring daydream of themselves as virtuous puzzle-solving heroes. While on a quest to find a mysterious coin, they get caught in a web of mistaken identities, mindless bureaucracy, and lies.
🇩🇴🇱🇮🦙 Change Management
Former Palindrome spinoff for those seeking smaller team experience. Temporarily smaller this year as some returned to the writing team.
🐆 Cheatahs
Finishers in over 40 hunts this past year usually with only 2-5 hunters.
🍞🐔🍞 Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
Friends. Fun. Puzzles.
🌶 Chilidawgs
Crossworld Puzzlers
🌵 Chiloquin's Heroes
Chiloquin is our beloved aloe plant, and we are his heroes.
💐💐💐 💐Chrysanths💐
🦞 Clampions
We are the Clampions!
Class of 2001
MIT Class of 2001
📖 Codex Vindobonensis 751
'Two further oddities are a palindrome on 39v added to the end of a letter, "METROHOCANGISSITISSIGNACOHORTEM", a puzzle that has not yet been solved—and the palindrome is written in a vertically mirrored way as well (the lacuna is one of four holes in the vellum on this page). This example is cited as the kind of poetic and literary game popular in Aldhelm's time and thereafter.' [[Vienna Boniface Codex]]
🤠 Colorado COUNTesses
Here to do two problems and then cry
🇫🇷 Committee of Public Safety
_ _ ( ).---.( ) ./.="'"=.\. |=. .=| |_ 0 0 _| .` .---. '. : `---' : `._'-----'_.' _:-----:._ /={ }=_\ /_.{ }-_=\ |=|{ }=|-| |=|{ }-|=| \|{ }_|/ |{ } | |{ }=| |{ } =\ |`. .'=|`\ |_=`|'`=_|`\`\ .'`. __|_=_|=___| `\`\_/./`' (((__(((_____) `.__/
🗝 Constructed Adventurers
We are a community who inspires and helps create immersive treasure/scavenger hunts. Check out and
🗜 Control Group
Local group of placebo enthusiasts
🐁 Corvus Ailurus Mus
Small group of friends and family playing for fun.
🦀 Crab&Fish
Swimming in the Caribbean
😜 Crezdon's Crazies
A loosely affiliated collection of objects
Crystal Maiden
We're struggling.
🐦 Cult of Idiotic Avians
Five bird nerds!
Damaged Freight
An extended family group from North Central Ohio.
🍸 Daydrinkers
Just here for the laughs
🏴‍☠️ Death and Mayhem
After a brief experiment with Life and Order in 2018, Death and Mayhem is pleased to return to the chaotic evil corner of the alignment chart, as we feel it more appropriately reflects the modern day zeitgeist. We're thrilled to spread both Death and Mayhem across the globe.
😈 Devilish/delusional
The team name is pretty self explanatory
🍽️ Donner Party
A band of puzzling pioneers, looking for creative solutions in a cold and hungry winter.
👀 dootdootdootdoot
each year we add a doot...
🀄️ Dragon Games
Some Canadians with too much time on their hands.
🤸🏻‍♂️ dream of the drop
Professional amateurs who boast a wealth of experience and are one tier below being the creme de la creme
🌲 Drofnats Seert
Team Drofnats Seert is a second-year team that is Stanford-centric, but not exclusive! We consist of beginnner-intermediate solvers, and are excited to have a great time puzzling this year!
🍲 Duck Soup (with an Exploding Moose)
A sumptuous blend of puzzle solvers, KTANE players and escape room enthusiasts, served steaming hot.
🌲🌲 Eastern hunter tree
We want to keep our bonded hunting experience going on 4ever!
🤔 EB Crew
a party of puzzling people
Education Arcade
A small group of staff (and possibly others) associated with The Education Arcade.
👨‍🍳 Eggy Spaghett
Mamma mia
𓂀📻𓂀 Egyptian Jukebox
one day we'll make it to the meta legitimately
Eleven Fifty-Nine
Here's to deadlines.
🚨 Emergency Contacts
in case of emergency, call us
🍝 Endless Pastabilities
...because the pastabilities are endless...
EnGnE is the best
E-NIGMA (located in Essen, Germany, organizing offline puzzle hunts since 2018)
🥞 Enigmatik
The biggest puzzle is why we keep participating.
🖼️ Entire Contingent of /r/PictureGame
Our team is primarily composed of players of the /r/PictureGame subreddit and we solve puzzles. It's a cool sub, check it out!
✏ EricSolo
Palindromer kicking the tires
❌ Error 403 Forbidden
Error 403 Forbidden
🗝️🔒 Escape Effect
We're hosts and developers for an escape room venue in Orlando, Florida.
🦆 ET Phone in Answer
ET Phone in Answer consists primarily of current and former members of ET, an MIT independent living group.
♟️ Exeter Honey Badgers
2 Chess-nuts boasting in an open foyer from Exeter, UK
Assembled by Gandalf and Elrond to solve mystery hunt puzzles.
🔥 Fire Lab
We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
🐟 Fish
Group of friends that like to play games and solve puzzles.
🐟 Fishterious Mysterfishies
Not much is known about this team
🦩 Flamingo Bellagio
We're not good at this
🏰 Flying Castle
We love a good puzzle!
Forks To Be Reckoned With
We are Meaty Okra at best. ;)
🍟 French Fries
We have zero clue what we're doing!
🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Frolicking Frogs
We find puzzles quite ribbiting!
🐇⌚ Frumious Bandersnatch
“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” He chortled in his joy. A bunch of weird alums (previously from Theta Xi and Burton Conner, primarily) and friends having a good time.
📈 fstock96
🇧🇬 Furious Acorns
Escape room teams Fury and ВъЖъЛъДъ join forces to play puzzlehunts.
✈ ✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈
A team loosely affiliated with floorpi (a hall in East Campus) and Yew Labs (a group at MIT's Ilvak Institute).
🐙 game time started
p l a c e h o l d e r
😶‍🌫️ Gator
Just a newbie seeking some fun.
Gawey Buwsey
🤓 Geniucez
Vary smrt puzzlurs
🍊 Giant Wombats Eating Nectarines
Some linguistics grad students, some Mathcamp alums, and some other
🥔 Ginkgoooooooo
Rhymes with potatoes. A team of genetically modified potato-human hybrids grown in the secret underground bioworks of a certain local synbio company...
👾 glob glob
🌲 Good Things Come In Trees
⚛️ Grad Unified Theory
A new team, hosted by Ashdown House, for any students who wish, especially MIT graduate students, to come together and puzzle. We are largely composed of new hunters, but will have the capability to support both in-person (based at Ashdown House) and remote puzzlers.
❤️ Grand Unified Theory of Love
The current goal of Grand Unified Theory of Love is to participate in the Hunt and have as much fun as possible. Part of this means keeping the team small and growing things slowly so everyone gets to know each other and we have a good experience for all. We started in 2008.
😵 Great Personality
A lovely bunch of puzzle fans with a great personality
🐒 Great Sages Equal To Heaven
👻👻👻 guanguangxiaofendui
Focus on participation, just be happy.
🔑 H2Noregon
Tell me something good
🐼 hack squad
zen as heck
🐟🐟 Halibut That Bass
Halibut That Bass is the debut zingel of American stingray-songwriter Megamouth Shiner, released on June 30, 2014, through Epike Records. We have been hunting since 2020 and welcome solvers of any experience level. Fish puns optional but encouraged.
💥 Halifax Explosion
In a freak accident during a routine science demonstration, we were bitten by a radioactive puzzle! To "cash in" on our new abilities, which include the proportionate strength of a puzzle, we joined a wrestling club. One day, we had the chance to stop a bank robber fleeing the scene of their crime --- but we did nothing about it, having not yet learned any important lessons about responsibility. But when our uncle was murdered by the very same criminal we failed to stop, we discovered that we have a responsibility to use our puzzle-powers for good, rather than for personal gain!
🧗‍♀️ Hatchetfield Nighthawks
There might only be two of us but we've been training all year for this
🕵🏼‍♀️ Hayden Seekers
At our core, we are Rutgers grads circa ~2013. We took part in the hunt as a 7 person team in 2020, and loved it. We've been telling our friends about it ever since.
🚐 hextraordinary
we're cool
😸 HiddenNTU
A puzzle club at National Taiwan University
👋 HighFive
Not much is kn👋wn about this team
Two old farts from Florida. One with Lymphoma, one with pacemaker and stent. Absolutely nothing appealing about either except brain cells that need stimulation.
Find the needle!
Just a lonesome horse with a big heart looking to make the world just a little less mysterious.
🐟 Hunches in Bunches
In 2014 a very large Random Hall-based team won Mystery Hunt. After writing 20,000 puzzles for the 2015 Hunt, One Fish Two Fish Random Fish Blue Fish split into several smaller teams, one of which became Hunches in Bunches. We're mostly Random Hall alums and friends.
🎪 Imaginary Numbers
A humble group of goat herders and puzzle-loving friends.
😈 Immoral, Illegal & Fattening
Immoral, Illegal & Fattening, Attorneys at Law, was founded in 2003 by senior partner Chris Tonna Cannoli, and has been defending the best of the worst, and the worst of the best, ever since.
💫 I'm not a planet either
Astronomers and their friends return for their seventh hunt as I'm not a Planet Either! We're not confined by IAU definitions. We ❤️ Pluto!
✂️ it could be fun
we are mostly sensible people who expect to have fun sometimes
It's 70 Degrees Here You Miserable Beavers
the raggiest of ragtag groups. Stanford people may be involved. Go Card.
🍼 Jack Jack
With all the powers a super baby could have, we’ll solve some puzzles!
I was not able to get a confirmed registry as an unattached solver and want to see as much of the hunt as possible.
🧽 Jejunum
We have fun here
Trying to check out our position in puzzle solver food chain.
*sunglasses emoji*
🥺 Just Ritz
Hi frens :)
🎄 Juzzle Jolvers
We're MacGregor J Entry's puzzle hunt team!
🦂 Kevin ™
Team Kevin ™ is our first attempt at an MIT Mystery Hunt ever. Named after the creator of the greatest Stock and Cockroach based ARG of all time, Kevin Y, we hope to "solve one or two of the puzzles maybe". We wish everyone else out there solving this year good luck on the hunt!
🦉 Kristen W. Argers
New York Times Bestselling Author and Champion of World Ramen Speed Eating Contest 2005
🐶 Ladder Dogs
Woof woof!
🦘 Land DownUnder
From a land downunder Up for the challenge
💀 Laplace's Angels
A cool guy
🐷 Lardcakes
Just a few alumni having fun
🤷‍♀️ Last Place
🍄 Left as an Exercise for the Reader
A tiny little team of people who love puzzles but aren't very good at them. Perpetually on the verge of civil war due to our inability to see eye to eye as to whether or not mushrooms are amazing, or an atrocity. 🚫🍄
👈 Left Out
A bunch of aging puzzlers
🐗 Les Gaulois
Ils sont fous ces Romains.
A group of college applicants who are desperate to just get in, and find the coin!
🧮 LHS Math Team
The Lexington High School Math Team is a math team that attends competitions all over the United States and is a great community!
♎ Libra Complexity
students and alumni of harvey mudd college
Lil Blue's Clues
Sitting on the Thinking Chair.
🏖️ Livin' Covida Loca
La Loca
☕☕☕ Los Cafeteros
It's Colombia, not Columbia
🐢 Luigi's Death Stare
Minneapolis/St. Paul-based remote team, here to enjoy some puzzles!
🪄🏰🐷🐷🍕 Magic Castlers
we went to the magic castle last year
🎶 Maisy
Exploring the interesting habits of Maisy
Mostly New Yorkers, grizzled veterans of one (1) Hunt past
🦭 ManateeM
Man, a team bio...
We love puzzles!!
🍸 Martini Crossfire
A small team looking to once again have some fun solving puzzles! And maybe drink some martinis.
🎭 Masquerade
🎭erade. Dare 🎭?
McCormick Hall
Once upon a time, Her Majesty adopted a Princess, a hedgehog, and a rock.
🦛 M de Treville and the Musketeers
Casual puzzle hunters
🚦 Meager Denial
A dynamic dad-son duo that loves puzzle hunts and tends to not get very far in them.
🌿 Metaphysical Plant
Man is a spiritual animal. We are a metaphysical plant.
🧮 Methods of Rationality
🍎 Misremembered Apple
Forgetting fruits since 2021
🍌 MIT Mystery Hunt Team
We are not creative with team names. But we do like bananas. We are a lab team. Can you guess which lab?
🎶 MIT University Band
The MIT University Band, which in fact hails from a slightly larger college up the street, has been hunting together since 2016. Come talk to us about music!
💲 Moneyheist
MIT Econ PhD Students
🌙⚔️ Moonbeam Batallion
Just some friends trying to solve some puzzles.
We like puzzles and math olympiad problems :)
Mortal Wombats
Group of people who started doing puzzle hunts during the pandemic
Most Intelligent Tigers
We don't know what we're doing, for the second year in a row! Most Intelligent Tigers is a dispersed team of internet humans enjoying the hunt through our computer screens.
🧚‍♀️🧙 Muskegon Gaming Annex Global Alliance
Friendly group of gamers from all walks of life, many of us are Michiganders.
🧬 MW CompBio
MathWorks Computational Biology
📞🅰️🔀 Mystaswitch
Second-time entrants to the MIT Mystery Hunt, grateful to be able to take part remotely since we're UK-based!
👻 Mystery Fun House
👻 It is a mystery 👻
🤡 Naansens
🌈 Nam Iridum
Small group of friends in Raleigh, NC!
just a couple of narwhals
🤔 Nerds
Just a bunch of nerds
we're NES, baby
🐼 Ngiam's Pandas
💰💰💰 Nickelsack
Just a team of 5 Canadians and 1 American, who normally play D&D together, who are looking to do some puzzles.
A geekly family of an MIT alum couple and their spawn
Non-Fungible Brokens
🙃 Nope
We are a group of friends who enjoy solving puzzles and being silly together. We welcome anyone who wants to have some non competitive fun solving puzzles.
🥡 NullPointerException
how are we so bad etc
[Obscure Festive Quiz Reference]
Fresh from docking their puzzle boat, our heroes make their way deep into the heart of the Massachusetts wilderness.
🐙 Occam's Depilatory Gel
We're a small team with the can-do spirit of a slightly larger one.
🙃 Off In The Lab
We are a small crew of avid puzzlers many of whom have been teaming up since 2015. We are extremely unlikely to win. We are not a puzzle.
🧠 Of one mind
It's just me. I'm procrastinating with puzzles.
🥕 Om Nom Nom Nom
🌏 One Hint Wonder
Too powerful.
🙃 On Search
MIT Libraries staff and friends, standing by to put missing materials on search since 2020.
🔮 Orb Ponderers
Just some wizards and mages pondering the orb
Group of friends from Cornell
🦆 Pan-Galactic Goose Syndicate
Originally a small group of math/CS nerds from Waterloo, but katamaried into something bigger
🪰 Party Wizards
we like, we like to party
🐷 Pass the Pigs Big Pigs Big Pig Heart Girth
Formerly I Am Grootchador ... in Bed, formerly I Am Grootchador, formerly Eat My Shortz
☘️🧩🦌 Patrick's Puzzle Bucks
The team comprises one MIT alumnus and some puzzle-loving friends. This year, it forms part of the lead up to one member's wedding.
🍑 🍑 peach pobblers 🍑
💸 Plane Tickets are Expensive
We used to be too poor to fly to Boston. Now no one is flying to Boston. In a way, you could say that we are trend setters.
🥃 Platform One
Waterfall, only you can prevent.
🚪 Please Knock
PEA Alumni & Friends
🥔☃️ Potato Snowman
🥸 President Reif
🧐 Pressing X to Doubt
A bunch of retired puzzle hunters on both coasts who decided to send it.
Probably Spongebob
Sometimes Sandy
Prove Love Always
We do puzzles to prove love is real
🐙 Providence Returns
A small team of college students from all over who enjoy puzzles and want to experience the mystery hunt!
Psyduck Confit
🗡️ Puzzkill
Seven years ago a crack team was sent to Mystery Hunt for a puzzle crime they didn't commit. They promptly escaped from a maximum-security intro round to the Baltimore underground. Today, they survive as solvers of fortune. If you have a puzzle, maybe you can hire: Puzzkill.
🧩 puzzle bois
fellow nerds
🥴 Puzzled Friends Flummoxed Together
PFFT is a valid scrabble word
A group of friends trying our hand for fun
🔮 Puzzle Hunters Israel
We have a hulk.
Puzzle Tryhards
3 kids playing for fun with no clue whats going on ;)
😷 Quarantine Decrypters
just some bored puzzlers in quarantine.
🥴 Queeks
We’re only slightly terrified to be here and probably in way over our heads, but we love solving puzzles and will (hopefully) have fun while we crash and burn!
🥰 Queue < T > s
haha like we’re cute & we r programmers haha
🦥 Quiz Quiztofferson
Race For Wool
We're a team of nerds that play/played the competitive minecraft gamemode race for wool together.
🎲 Random Access Memery
We are the Random Hall team, made of current undergrads, cruft, and friends.
🐘 Ratolibre 🐘🐘🐘
Chilean puzzler and solver
🦏 Raucous Raucous Rhinos
We like puzzles.
🦆😵 Relatively Theoretical Constructs
Relatively Theoretical Constructs is a ragtag group of puzzlers from both sides of the pond, using the power of love and friendship (and Google) to solve life's greatest konundrums. We are largely focused in the Boston area, have large LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse contingents, and prioritize accessibility and fun above all else.
💅 Resistant to Nail Polish
These puzzles are a virus and we are the mani-cure!
🐼 Richie Bear
What are Richie Bears? The obvious answer is that they are innocent little stuffed bears which love to frolic and play.
🔔 Ring My Bell
Friends playing for fun!
We love Roblox and puzzles!
Not much is known about this team
⛏ Sabotages
We're taking a break from Saboteur to try some easier games.
🔭 Setec Astronomy
We write puzzles. We solve puzzles. We snark puzzles. We drink less than expected.
🏡 Setec Astronomy Total Landscaping
Like Setec Astronomy, but not a palindrome.
⑦ Seven
There are seven of us
😶‍🌫️ Shawster
just some homies looking to have a good time
🏠 Sherlock's Homies
Crew of Williams besties
🍈 Shower Pomelo
Shower Pomelo is a team primarily comprised of recentish alums from Caltech. We want everyone to have fun and improve their solving skills.
🧇 simhunt
Proud puzzlers of the most porous place on the planet!
🏴‍☠️ Singles Ready to Stay Inside
Singles Ready to Stay Inside consists of MacGregor E entry (former) residents who prefer staying inside and puzzling to braving the cold wind tunnel. Runarounds turn them into Singles Reluctantly Willing to Go Outside for Puzzles, but they may stay true to their name this year…
❄️ Six Degrees
Always planning last minute
🐎🤠 Sleipnir's Wranglers
We're an easy going team that takes all comers, from puzzle novices to grizzled puzzling veterans.
🚀 Sloopertroup
We puzzle
🦙 Small Llama Malls
Founded in 2018 by Kevin Carde, Andrew Lin, and Emily Morgan to "have fun and solve puzzles". Committed to finishing the Hunt each year (even if takes until March). Avoid Big Box Camelid Retailers--this Hunt, bring your business to Small Llama Malls!
🗿 Smooth Jazz
Just some cold nerds who like puzzles, cheese, and oddly specific crossovers.
⚫ Smung Institute
Uncontrollable Intelligence.
🔥🐄 Somerville Barbershop Butet
NY/NJ --> Boston. Puzzle-hunt amateur extraordinaires.
😿 #SorryMom++
Party hard. Sleep harder.
🐝 So true, Beasties
so true, beastie xoxo
⚆ Spaceball One
Puzzlin' puzzlin' puzzlin'
🐵 Space Monkey
🅰️ Spa City Superteam
We are veterans of the yearly Midnight Madness game played in Hot Springs, Arkansas between the years 2002 and 2012.
🦄 Special Task Force: Unicorn
A loosely knit herd of unicorns
Spicy Pecans
Pecans sure are delicious!
🦑 Spore Giant
Team Singapore and friends (the offical 🦑s. all other 🦑 are fake).
♾️ Stickers
🪑 stickymittens
Humble puzzle solvers striving for mediocrity.
🧩 Stooth Moves
Based on the Warioware title of the same name.
Streets Ahead
Puzzler collective from around the world with only loose associations to MIT. First time entrants.
Stumped and Furious
Aiming to be less stumped and less furious!
🎩🐀 Success Rats
Did you mean: success rates?
🦭🦭🦭 Such as Seals
We have no idea what we’re doing.
Sufficiently Large N
🍆 Sugandan University Cryptology Club
People Enjoying New Innovative Solutions!
🀄 Super Team Awesome
🇹🇼 🥟 🍚 🏮 🥮 🀄 🎮 🐝
☕ SweetAngst
Just here for fun.
╯□)╯︵ tableflip
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
🕷 tarantula
In honor of my tarantula who froze to death when I was six
🌎 Taskforce Earth
🦑 Tc
Started doing puzzle hints during the pandemic- doing this one out of interest as not expecting to get far!!!
📎 Teacher's Password
A team representing, an online community dedicated to improving our reasoning and decision-making.
🐸 Team 3734
Biochemists and Bioengineers!
🧙 Team Arithmancy
We're an online group that started from a Harry Potter fan community, and solve every older hunt we can! We're puzzlers of all experience levels! New members always welcome ^_^
🇧🇲 Team Bermuda
A group of friends and colleagues with some connection to Bermuda
🐟 Team Bluefish
We're the owners at Bluefish Games! We publish The Curious Elevator Of Mr. Hincks and all other Hincks games!
🐝🌠☄️🌲 Team Conundrum
Small team. Ohio. Kittens. Geocaching. Not sure on the order.
🍖 teammate
See our recent hunt!
🚈 Team Mid-Coast Trolley Extension
The product of over half a decade of planning and effort, our team finally formed in late 2021, arriving on-time and under budget! We now connect UCSD to downtown and the rest of the greater San Diego area and provide a convenient alternative to congested freeways and roadways.
I'm new to puzzle hunts!
🤯 Team Plaid Thong
Small splinter team from Team Codex. Primarily from Upstate NY, however now split around the country. We are not going to win, we are just here to have fun. We welcome remote players, especially those that can join one of our splinter groups in either Albany, NY or Tampa, FL area. We are very LGBT friendly, we have many LGBT people on our team (in fact the majority of the team!)
💜 Team Rebellion
The crew of the narrowboat Rebellion, plus extra puzzle minions.
🚀 Team Wocket
wobble wockets is fun
🍵 TeaTimes
🐣 Teragram
🧯 Tetacetera
Cruft from East Campus ~2015ish & friends!
🦀 🦀 The Baltimore Crabs
Claws Up!
The Bayou Bygones
Most of the team have been avid roleplayers for years. We have played together for as few as 3 years and as long as 10. Most of us love puzzles or esoterica and we are ready for the challenge!
🧀 The Cheese
We are The Cheese.
🍩 The Donut Inside The Donut
Mmhm Donut
🌚 The Flat Moon Society
So there were these two penguins in a canoe in the desert...
🐴 The Golden Horde
vēnī, vīdī, vīcī
♾ The Gr88 Ones
Alumni taking a break from world domination to solve puzzles with the tech school down the street.
The Inedibles
Puzzle hunters mostly from the other Cambridge...
🪤 The Intermittent Puzzlers
We puzzle, sometimes.
🦕 The Land Before TIMEMIT
A NEW ADVENTURE IS BORN. An orphaned brontosaurus named Littlefoot sets off in search of the legendary Great Valley. A land of lush vegetation where the dinosaurs can thrive and live in peace. Along the way he meets four other young dinosaurs, each one a different species, and they encounter several obstacles as they learn to work together in order to survive.
🍌 The Lexingtons
(I'm sure I'll fill this out more later.)
🍕 The Malakas
Malakas be puzzling
🇸🇲🐬 The Most Serene Republic of Dan Marino
The Most Serene Republic of Dan Marino
🕵🏻‍♀️ The Murine Biologists
A group of recent math and computer science graduates trying not to let our day jobs distract us from puzzle hunts.
🌠🔭 The Observers
The Prospect Hill Observatory & Friends
🥺 The Playfair Fair Players
We're a hodgepodge group of mostly off-campus solvers, here to have fun and be bad at math :)
🌵➡️🦑 The Providence Transmutations
Now that all the plants have been successfully translated, it's time to change things up a bit. The Providence team is back for our twelfth hunt.
🏟️ The Puzzledome
A group of casual puzzle hunters from all over the globe, brought together through games of (DECEPTION | FRIENDSHIP | COOPERATION| DRAMA) and (SOCIAL MANEUVERING | TRUST | HONESTY | CHAOS)
A pair of solvers playing for fun.
🥈 The Team Formerly Known as the Team Formerly Known as the Team Formerly Known as the Team Formerly Known as the Team to Be Named Later
We were going to name our team this year, but forgot to. Our team hopes to be strong enough to complete the Hunt, but emphasizes the experience for newer solvers. Anybody who's new to Mystery Hunt and looking for a team to join is welcome!
🍯 The TSBI Hive
We are the TSBI hive! A division of Honesco, part of the Hexagon Group.
🐝 The TSBI Swarm
We're the competitive side of Test Solution Bees Ignore, here to sting butts and take names!
The van der Woodsens
We are just a couple of Upper East Siders...
❓ Thoughts??? None
send help. there are no thoughts
狗拿耗子 Tiba Max
🌷 TiltingAtWindmills
Quixotic Quixote fans
🧁 TriHards
Out of our depth
Just for fun.
🧟‍♂️🪓 TZD
Not much is known about this team
􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾􏿾 􏿾􏿾􏿾
⚗️ Universal Solvents
We are excited to learn whether signing up on January 12 is allowed!
Unofficially affiliated with the University of New Mexico
🚫📛👻 Unnamed Horrors
didn't come up with a name but will do our best to come up with an answer
👤 Unseen
You didn’t see us at Woodstock, you didn’t see us in Ankh-Morpork, and this year you won’t see us at MIT.
🌃 Up Late
Co-captains Ryan Lang and Alisa Marshall began Hunting in 1999 during their freshman year at MIT. The next year, they founded Up Late, which has grown to include friends, friends of friends, and a whole gang from Redmond. We finished the Hunt in 2015 & 2017. We are NOT A Plate.
🧘 Us
Some friend from Israel
🏆 ussens
we are a family of smart, committed individuals who want to give this a good MIT try. we are located all over the United States and will be working together.
🍟 Vaguely Eloquent Team
You sit at the restaurant with your young son. He says he is hungry. You agree to get him dinner. You open up to the kids menu; your child is far too young for adult food. "Chicken Nugger" stares at you from the page. You don't understand. Your palms get sweaty and your son complains - he says he's hungry. Your mind strains, searching for an answer, in a world of "Sweer Potato" and "French Fried". You try to order the chicken nugger, but you cannot! The words cannot escape your lips. Your son is hungry, he complains. The waitress stares at you, her head a spinning chicken nugger, her arms swinging french fried. Your son cries the tears of a chicken nugger-less child. In your mind, you scream. It is raining sweer potato now. You have "French Fried" engraved on your left temple and you do not understand. Your son weeps in the corner; he is starving, starving for the chicken nugger.
🖤 Vantablack
Times are so dark that Vantablack really brightens things up.
👀 Veni Vidi Wiki
Tim was I; ere I saw MIT.
VGC Masters
Newer team solving for fun
🐽 Visual Hodgepodge
A bunch of friends, some of us from the Czech team Tapuri a tapure
💷 V. M. Varga
Solo team playing for fun.
Someone from Russia with no MIT background and no experience of previous hunts. We like playing something similar in russian, though (see
😱 Vokurke
We're a bunch of puzzle lovers.
🍸 Waldorf and Statler
Be kind, we’re old and have forgotten more than we can remember!
🥳 Waldo’s Pride
We built this city on rock n roll.
📎 WatchMeJumpstart
We rock
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor's Version)
We promised to never ever get back together, but this time we are serious about it.
We are part of an online community who enjoy puzzle hunts, cryptic crosswords and the like.
🦜 We Be Pirates!
A few of us pirates attempting a few puzzles.
👉👈 We Few
Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?
🐱 We Love Cats
Meow meow meow meow meow.
We made it to Centaurworld
Just a group playing for fun
🦇 We Tried Therefore Nobody Can Criticize
We'll do our best.
What a crew!
🐟 Whats with no expiration date on scissors are they immortal
Many phone case color choices are sad and ignorant and nothing grounds the Earth
🤡 Who Asked
It wasn't me.
🐈🧠 WicketSmaht
Don't make direct eye contact with us and we'll get along juuust fine.
💾 windows vista
🧮 Wir sind MIT dabei 🇦🇹🇩🇪🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺🇺🇳
A bunch of (mostly) German speaking folks from (mostly) Austria and Germany who very much appreciate that Corona made the MIT Mystery Hunt 2022 online too. 😘🦠
from woat to boat
😬 woowoowoowoo
Dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria!
🐻 Word Hunters
Hey there! We're a small group playing from all the way in OK! We're here to have a blast, and hopefully solve some puzzles!
🌸 x
🧬 X-ile Helix
A small group of friends slowly making their way through the alphabet.
😈 your mom
Check out my blog:
🤷 Youthful People
We don't know what we're doing.
📺 ZeebersTTV
pasteque enthusiasts
⚡ ⚡ Zig Zag Zappin Zorpedoes
Zig Zag Zappin Zorpedoes
🐱🐱🐱 喵喵喵
A rat silhouette